About Us

About Us

Unified Global Solutions Corp. emerges as one of the leading companies in the Cloud computing solutions offerings. We specialize in serving the Healthcare Industry, Federal and Local Government Agencies and the Logistic Industry.


Unified Communication provides Managed Services and Hardware and Software as a Service. Our solutions are designed exclusively to help companies address the challenges of new technologies by eliminating upfront investments in infrastructure, maintenance, development and technology upgrades. Similarly we enable companies to have the best technological tools with our powerful Cloud computing tools anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Unlike many other technology consultants, we take the time to understand each clients’ business and how technology fits into that business, so we can objectively recommend solutions that address real strategic and operational needs. What’s more, we take pride in our ability to offer small to mid-sized companies access to technology solutions that once were only available to Fortune 500 companies — solutions that offer predictable results for a predictable investment as well as reliable performance for maximum peace of mind.


We are the leader in Managed Services IT (Information Technology) both for the private sector and the government. We have invested our resources to develop a model of managed high quality IT services, establishing the basis of a program of support that we can provide our customers with consistent and predictable results. Unified Global Solutions is the name to trust for solutions Managed IT Services, IT Project Delivery and Cloud Computing Solutions and Outsourcing. We provide these services through an easy to integrate and accessible to any proprietary system budget process.

Unified Global Solutions is a leader in providing support and troubleshooting with extensive technical knowledge and business, a proven and simple system for delivering IT service, in turn creating a technological path that evolves with needs of our customers. We use our business and financial acumen to drive all technology decisions that best suit their needs. Our IT department composed of experts delineate and handled all the actual costs and solutions to suit the budget and requirements of our customers in this way to be simply the best.

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